Floating In Jars


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For some reason I’ve been desperate to make a gif. Goodness knows why, too many Awful/amazing internet memes no doubt. My rationale is that they look hard to make I think, but with the moquu app for ipad it was SO easy, almost disappointingly easy.

Take a picture with the app and you will be given a transparent overlay of your picture to give you a guide for your next one to ensure a smooth transition (if you are less crack handed than I). Being the summer I tried to think of one thing I could try from home to demo it and thought I’d have a crack at the geranium leaf chromatography using a jar and a coffee filter


It didn’t work, it does in the lab, but it didn’t in my kitchen, no lovely separation. Probably water is a rubbish solvent for this and i should have known better. Heat wave fried my brain. But!!! As you can see by my gif, the solvent front did move…

My hope with this is to get students making and sharing gifs in experiments, and maybe as a simple stop motion for processes like transcription and translation maybe, alternative homework tasks, embed into presentations… Loads of things! The only limit I see so far is the lack of availability for android, hopefully this will be sorted soon because that could be pretty limiting for the students.

What would you giferise?



One thought on “Squeeeeeee

  1. Reblogged this on Squiddlydo and commented:
    The easiest way, in my opinion, which gives you a fair amount of control is making them in gimp. You can edit them as you please, and control the timing of your gif.

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